Can Cakes Coffee

Welcome to Can Cakes Coffee: Where Beans Embark on a Journey and Are Roasted Close to Home

Enter a world of refined sensory exploration with Can Cakes Coffee, where our carefully chosen beans come from farms where cultivation is an art, not just a process. From growth to processing, each step is executed with unwavering dedication, crafting a coffee experience that transcends the ordinary. Our globally sourced beans undergo meticulous roasting, allowing the distinct essence of each origin to shine, all delivered to you locally with the utmost care.

Why Choose Can Cakes Coffee?

Meticulously Selected:

Not only do we select beans based on their region and altitude, but we also ensure that the farms we source directly from uphold exceptional processes and are dedicated to the craft of coffee.

Utmost Care:

At Can Cakes Coffee, quality is our cornerstone. We meticulously roast our coffee beans with utmost care, ensuring that we honor the beans and the dedication of the farmers who cultivate them. Every step, from cultivation to roasting, is a tribute to the journey and hard work behind each bean's arrival to your cup.

Evolving Taste: 

We believe in preserving the essence of freshness. Each bean is meticulously roasted, sealed, and nestled within a can, ensuring its integrity until it reaches your cup. Upon opening, a resonant click heralds the start of degassing, inviting you to savor the evolving flavors. Like a connoisseur, embrace the journey as each sip reveals the nuanced evolution of our exquisite coffee."

Kopi Luwak

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Catuai ASD

Savor the exquisite natural Catuai coffee from Boquete, Panama, meticulously cultivated by Elida Estates. Renowned for their honey and natural processed beans, including the esteemed Geisha variety which sold at $6,034 per pound, Elida Estates' dedication is unmatched. Nestled on the slopes of Volcano Baru, these beans thrive in rarefied air and ancient soil.

Through ASD (Anaerobic Slow Drying) processing, a specialized method, the beans undergo fermentation in an oxygen-free environment, enhancing their flavors and aromas. Slow drying over weeks intensifies these characteristics, resulting in a vibrant cup with fruity, floral, and wine-like notes. This meticulous process elevates coffee to extraordinary heights, offering a unique tasting experience that highlights innovation in specialty coffee production.

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