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Catuai Natural ASD

Catuai Natural ASD

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Savor the exquisite natural Catuai coffee from Boquete, Panama, meticulously cultivated by Elida Estates. Renowned for their honey and natural processed beans, including the esteemed Geisha variety which sold at $6,034 per pound, Elida Estates' dedication is unmatched. Nestled on the slopes of Volcano Baru, these beans thrive in rarefied air and ancient soil.

Through ASD (Anaerobic Slow Drying) processing, a specialized method, the beans undergo fermentation in an oxygen-free environment, enhancing their flavors and aromas. Slow drying over weeks intensifies these characteristics, resulting in a vibrant cup with fruity, floral, and wine-like notes. This meticulous process elevates coffee to extraordinary heights, offering a unique tasting experience that highlights innovation in specialty coffee production.

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